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Purely as a matter of convenience, 7Junipers divides Asian history into seven eight broad ranges.* Needless to say, these are arbitrary and approximate.

  1. Neolithic (6000-2000)
  2. Ancient (2000-200 BCE)
  3. Classical (200 BCE-500 CE)
  4. Medieval (500-1500)
  5. Early Modern (1500-1700)
  6. Modern (1500-1900)
  7. Twentieth Century
  8. Contemporary

This site uses BCE (before the common era) and CE (common era) in place of BC and AD out of respect for Asia’s varied religious traditions. These designations are becoming widely adopted by scholars.

*In 2016 I broke the old era category “premodern-modern” into two categories, “early modern” and “modern.”