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23 January, 2008 (05:00) | 20th c, decorative arts / textiles, korea | By: xensen

bojagi, korean wrapping cloth

Bojagi are Korean wrapping cloths. They are typically square and hemmed along the edges; many have a sort of ribbon “handle” in the center. The cloths were used for wrapping presents, as well as for storying and carrying objects. They are wonderful examples of folk art, and although they date at least from the Joseon dynasty, they feel modern in their design spirit.

This example is from the Museum of Korean Embroidery in Gangnam-gu. There is another example (at this writing) in the lower right sidebar.


Comment from Martha Ellen Stephens
Time: September 20, 2008, 7:30 am

I have become fascinated by the Korean “bojagi”/”pojagi”. However I have been unable to discover the preferred manner of joining the seams. Please send instructions if you have them or a reference if you know one, Thank you so much. MeS