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6 February, 2009 (05:00) | meta | By: xensen

I have added a new feature to this site, the index that is found under the rightmost tab above.

The index is a tag cloud. I’ve been going through from the beginning and adding tags to my posts (so far I’m up to December 2007).

You often see tag clouds in sidebars. I don’t like them there because they create a lot of clutter. But as this project moves forward I thought it would be cool to have an index, and that this would work well as a page.

To make a tag cloud page in WordPress, save your basic page template under some name such as tags.php. Then put the following code at the top of the page template:

Template Name: Tag Cloud

And put this inside the content section (if you don’t want all the tags to show change the 0 to some other number):

<div class=”tag_cloud”>
<?php wp_tag_cloud(‘number=0’); ?>

Now simply write the new page using this as your template.

Oh, and you can change your tag cloud settings by editing category-template.php under wp-includes.

Any questions? Write me via the “contact” tab.



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